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In 1979, Lewisfield Sunny (Lewisfield Sun God x Farsaana) formed the third part of Phara Farm's mare foundation, and eventually produced three incredibly gorgeous colts, which included The Indian Sun (x Sungod Reflection), Majestic Sun (x Eclipse ofthe Sun) and Sun God Legacy (x The Midnight Sun). 
"This small nucleus of horses set up our breeding group of top quality class A halter champions and most classic winners, all with the breeding characteristics of Sun God which is still very much evident," Annette says.
Phara Foundation Mare: Lewisfield Sunny

Lewisfield Sunny (Lewisfield Sun God x Farsaana)

Far right: Lewisfield Sunny with Sun God Legacy

Sun God Legacy

The Midnight Sun x

Lewisfield Sunny

Majestic Sun

Eclipse ofthe Sun x

Lewisfield Sunny

Multiple generations later, she can point with pride to The Sun Prince (Eclipse ofthe Sun x Rose of Fadl), who in her estimation, is the most perfect Arabian stallion living today. "He's extremely classic; there's nothing more one could wish for in an Arabian stallion," she says. 
Fifth Generation Phara Stallion: The Sun Prince

The Sun Prince (Eclipse ofthe Sun x Rose of Fadl), Phara's most classic stallion

Majestic Sun was recently retired to live out the rest of his life with Gaye Myers, who has been raising and breeding the Lewisfield / Phara bred horses for nearly 20 years, at Sunh-Kyst Arabians in Lowell, Vt.
"Gaye lives, breathes and sleeps those horses and does a wonderful job of caring for them," Annette praises. "The horses live a long life with her."
Gaye remembers flipping through an Arabian horse magazine when a photo of the beautiful Eclipse ofthe Sun stopped her dead in her tracks. "We purchased our first Phara-bred horses, WRR Raffinee (Golden Reflection x Gaybale) and Crystal Eclipse (Eclipse ofthe Sun x WRR Raffinee), shortly thereafter," she grins.