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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Sire: Aaraf (*Raffles x Aarah)

Dam: Aazkara (Azkar x Aarah)

1959 Mare

After finding Golden Pharao the Patti's continued their search - this time for a mare related to Lewisfield Sun God that would also fit their strict guidelines for conformation and type. In time they would find Aazkafra, an exquisite mare bred by Ben Hur. She had been sold to Lewisfield in a package of horses (one of the youngest mares Ben Hur had ever sold to Lewisfield), and the Patti's first saw her at Heritage Hills, who had acquired her from Lewisfield. She looked amazingly like Sun God - she had a beautiful head, four white stockings, and some roaning in her coat. Annette was quite taken with her, and knew that she had to have her. It took some maneuvering, but finally Annette was able to acquire her. Aazkafra was a mare of great beauty and motion. There was no comparison to Aazkafra's extreme, sensational action, her movement was extraordinary. In addition to her glorious beauty and breathtaking way of moving, Aazkafra was so very smart. Annette remembers how once a gate had accidentally been left open and she came walking out of the barn with one of her foals. Annette called to her out of the window to get back into the barn, and Aazkafra simply turned around and went straight back into her stall. On another occasion, even though Aazkafra had not been trained to ride, Annette decided to take her riding with some friends. Annette put a bridle on Aazkafra and rode her bareback, the mare willingly went along with the others without issue. But Aazkafra is remembered most not for her stunning appearance, phenomenal movement, or for how smart she was, but for the amazing results that came from breeding her to Golden Pharao. This was truly a golden cross, as the resulting foals would stand out for decades to come not only as individuals, but even more so as superior breeding horses through future generations. There were three foals from this cross, all were double Aaraf and triple Aarah:

  • Golden Reflection - chestnut stallion foaled February 6, 1968;

  • Phara Lucia - chestnut mare foaled March 18, 1970; and

  • Golden Cavalier - chestnut stallion foaled March 24, 1971

The first foal from this cross, Golden Reflection, was the first born foal of the Patti's new breeding program, Phara Farm.

PROGENY (7 total; 5 mares / 2 colts)

1964 bay mare Fadee (x Fadi by Saki)

1965 bay mare Heritage Caprice (x Fadi by Saki)

1968 chestnut colt Golden Reflection (x Golden Pharao by La Flag)

1970 chestnut mare Phara Lucia (x Golden Pharao by La Flag)

1971 chestnut colt Golden Cavalier (x Golden Pharao by La Flag)

1975 chestnut mare Phara Royia (x Royal Reflection by Golden Reflection)

1984 grey mare WRR Sahdaafra (x Gay Sahdaf by Ibn Sahdaf)

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