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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Sire: La Flag (Aaraf x Flaiga by Garaff)

Dam: Bint Maaroufa (Fay-El-Dine x Maaroufa by Ibn Rabdan)

1964 Stallion

To put the Phara Farm breeding program together the Patti's had to find the best possible individuals with similar breeding to Lewisfield Sun God. Since Lewisfield Sun God was the product of inbreeding the full siblings Aaraf and Aarafa by *Raffles (Skowronek x *Rifala) and out of Aarah (Ghadaf x Nadirat), they began their search looking for a horse of this breeding with the most classical characteristics they could find.

The Patti's visited farm after farm, stopping all across the country to see every horse they could with similar lines. After months of searching and still not finding what they were looking for, they visited the La Rue's in Indiana. There the Patti's saw a yearling colt that was for sale who was an Aaraf grandson. Even though his dam line was not what the Patti's were looking for, this colt was EXCEPTIONAL and had every one of the qualities they were looking for. This colt, originally named Bint La Flag, was purchased by the Patti's and renamed Golden Pharao. Golden Pharao's show career began with him winning his first time out - a two-year-old being shown against Champions and sons of Champions. At the Wisconsin State Arabian Show the judge took a good look at Golden Pharao, and, after walking away from him came back to look at him again. He spent an unusually long time looking at Golden Pharao's head, and finally ran his hand down Golden Pharao's foreface, taking note of his extreme jibbah. The judge was obviously impressed (not just with Golden Pharao's head) and needless to say Golden Pharao did very well at that show. In fact, Golden Pharao seemed to win at every show he went to - he was truly a great show horse, he loved to be in the arena. Golden Pharao attracted a huge following right from the get-go. Golden Pharao made a lasting impression on everyone who met or knew him. He was genuine - a good guy, a fun horse to be around, a real sweetheart. In whole, Golden Pharao was an excellent individual: he had incredible sensibility, always knew what you wanted before you asked him. In the eyes of his long-time owner/trainer Annette Weber, Golden Pharao really set the standard, and a high one at that - as an individual, a show horse, and as a sire.

PROGENY - purebred only are listed below

(76 total; 63 purebred & 13 Half Arabian; 40 mares / 36 colts)

1967 chestnut mare Golden Nuggette (x Bint Ramleh by Abu Borkaan)

1968 chestnut mare Golden Stardust (x Sabia by Himalaya)

1968 chestnut colt Golden Reflection (x Aazkafra by Aaraf)

1968 chestnut colt Pharisee (x Khelette by Khenim)

1968 chestnut colt Golden Pharon (x Tolehah by Tobruk)

1968 bay mare Geer-Phara (x Geersha Dubh by Gaysel)

1968 chestnut mare Phara Merigold (x Khelah by Khenim)

1969 chestnut colt Golden Sands (x Bint Ramleh by Abu Borkaan)

1969 chestnut colt FJ Golden Prince (x Princess Sharon by Ibn-Roay)

1969 chestnut mare Golden Colleen (x Khelette by Khenim)

1969 bay colt Taibeh (x Tolehah by Tobruk)

1969 grey colt Geer-Pflaag (x Geersha Dubh by Gaysel)

1969 grey colt Rueben James (x Sabia by Himalaya)

1969 bay colt Phara Aquarius (x Khelah by Khenim)

1969 chestnut mare Pharaos Phanci (x Rammetta by Rammal)

1969 chestnut stallion Topper Pharao (x Pulques Pride by Pulgue++)

1970 chestnut mare Sparkling Gold (x Bint Ramleh by Abu Borkaan)

1970 chestnut mare Phara Lucia (x Aazkafra by Aaraf)

1970 chestnut colt Araquet Pun-Kin (x Tarji by Gafad)

1970 chestnut mare Golden Talise (x Tolehah by Tobruk)

1970 chestnut mare Kimia Schelle (x Saulada by Nabus Aulad)

1970 chestnut colt Golden Sabre (x Gayla-Rose by Gayath)

1970 chestnut mare Gazeyn Pharao (x Tezeyn Gazon by Gazon Raffles)

1971 chestnut colt Golden Image (x Rammetta by Rammal)

1971 chestnut colt Golden Cavallier (x Aazkafra by Aaraf)

1971 chestnut mare Redbird Pharao (x Charleyn Gazon by Gazon Raffles)

1971 chestnut colt Sheik Pharao (x Ronafeyn by Dinwar)

1971 chestnut mare Twinkle Pharao (x Tezeyn Gazon by Gazon Raffles)

1971 chestnut colt Golden Lansyr (x Khelah by Khenim)

1971 chestnut mare Bowpeep Pharao (x Ghazala Raffles by Dinura)

1971 chestnut colt Golden Reverie (x Fadiah by Fadjur)

1972 bay mare Moira Rhu (x Hasans Zohra by Hasan Khaly)

1972 chestnut colt Eternal Flame (x Rammetta by Rammal)

1972 chestnut colt Black Gold (x Bali-Kal by Gali-Karrah)

1972 grey colt Pharaos Phantom (x Bali-etta by Ba-Zahrmo)

1972 bay colt Pha-Zala (x Zal-Mara by Gal-Mar)

1973 bay colt Dragonwyck Sham (x Sudden Beauty by Ambassador)

1973 chestnut mare Min Adar (x Woodlands Sotepa by Royal Rythm)

1973 chestnut mare Suncrest Sunphari (x Bright Sun Shine by Allabu)

1973 grey colt Dragonwyck Shamus (x Ross Amdin by Ambassador)

1973 chestnut mare Pharao Fashionett (x Bali-Kal by Gali-Karrah)

1973 chestnut mare Pharateena (x YF Futeena by El Decor)

1973 grey mare Pharao Fasination (x Bali-etta by Ba-Zahrmo)

1973 chestnut mare Diadem Golden Jul (x Woodlands Diamond by Royal Diamond)

1974 chestnut colt Ali Jabal (X Woodlands Sotepa by Royal Rhythm)

1974 chestnut mare Diadem Phara Baha (x Bahara Baha by Abu Baha)

1975 chestnut mare Diadem Gold Topaz (x Woodlands Diamond by Royal Diamond)

1976 chestnut mare *Pharaos Phalecia (x Dalla Fa Abi by Matukna Abi)

1978 grey mare Nice In Amorata (x JA DA Rithola by MR Eligance)

1978 chestnut mare Nice Danielle (x MR Sharzann by Shalimar Tarzan++)

1978 chestnut colt Golden Rabdan (x Rose of Fadl by Fadl Dan)

1978 bay colt LL Pharaozan (x Nizzans Beauty by Lewisfield Nizzan)

1979 chestnut mare Nice Sashietta (x JA DA Rithola by MR Eligance)

1980 grey mare Nice PreciousLove (x JA DA Rithola by MR Eligance)

1980 bay mare Midnight Moon (x MS Hilal by El Hilal)

1982 bay colt Abu El Pharao (x Buckini by Little Buck)

1982 chestnut colt DA Sundance Kid (x B-Classique by Bonique)

1983 chestnut colt Pharaos Image (x SA Charletta by Chareym)

1985 bay colt DA Phar Out (x Jora Miel by Jora Honey Ku++)

1988 chestnut mare Mishka Pharao (x EK Ferzays Shasta by Ferzays Victorei)

1990 bay mare Luna Mystique (x MS Hilal by El Hilal)

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