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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Sire: Golden Pharao (La Flag x Bint Maaroufa by Faye-El-Dine)

Dam: Aazkafra (Aaraf x Aazkara by Azkar)

1968 stallion

The very most highly anticipated of all Phara foals to be born was Aazkafra's 1968 foal by Golden Pharao. With this foal we would know if the years spent planning our breeding program would be a success or a disappointing failure. This would be one of Golden Pharao's first foals, and though he had already started winning in the show ring as a two and three year old, we knew that even the best of show horses does not necessarily make the best of sires. And as to Aazkafra, though she was a treasure of a mare, Ben Hur bred, extremely beautiful and perfectly bred for our plan, she had no record as a producer. Golden Reflection was born prematurely on a subzero February day at our Wisconsin farm, he had been born upside down in a corner manger and was very weak and soon contracted severe pneumonia. The vets gave us little hope for his survival. He was too weak to stand and nurse, so I stayed with them in the stall for many days, lifting him up to nurse until he began to gain some strength and began to nurse on his own. Then a leg injury gave him another serious setback. Despite all of these obstacles, he was growing into the gorgeous colt we had dreamed of and by the time he was 4 months old I had the unforgettable pleasure of taking him into his first show and bringing him out the winner of his first Wisconsin Futurity. He would go on to win all of his Wisconsin Futurity classes and later he would win many Class A Stallion Championships, and most importantly, his foals were breathtakingly beautiful and many of them were show champions as well. This young stallion had proven to reflect the incredible great beautiful Arabians in his ancestry ~~ he was truly a GOLDEN REFLECTION.

PROGENY (42 total; 41 purebred / 1 Half Arabian; 25 mares / 16 colts)

1970 bay mare Phara Satin Doll (x Khelah by Khenim)

1971 chestnut mare Aarafs Reflection (x Bint Ramleh by Abu Borkaan)

1971 grey mare Dawns Reflection (x Brumarba Rahfina by *Silver Drift)

1971 chestnut mare TR Tiny Nuggette (x Golden Nuggette by Golden Pharao)

1971 chestnut colt Reflections Pride (x Saulada by Nabus Aulad)

1971 chestnut mare Lindy Rose (x Galique by Silique)

1972 grey mare Tee Gee Phaedra (x Brumarba Rahfina by *Silver Drift)

1972 chestnut mare Reflecting Gold (x Golden Stardust by Golden Pharao)

1972 chestnut mare Bint Bala Baida (x Bala-Daida by Gezantez)

1972 chestnut mare Reflection Godess (x Sun God Heiress by Lewisfield Sun God)

1973 chestnut colt Royal Reflection (x Flowerearth by Lewisfield Nizzamo)

1974 chestnut colt Kimbrook Showboat (x Kanoaba by Nobari)

1974 chestnut mare Kimbrook Twiggy (x Kimia Schelle by Golden Pharao)

1974 grey colt Usheen (x Xanadus Kahila by Mirad)

1974 grey mare Shady Lane Susie (x Kawals Syndrabi by Synbadson)

1974 chestnut mare ANKH Golden Flame (x Bint Ramleh by Abu Borkaan)

1975 chestnut colt Sungod Reflection (x Sun God Heiress by Lewisfield Sun God)

1976 chestnut colt Reflection Heir (x Sun God Heiress by Lewisfield Sun God)

1976 chestnut mare Mysti Dawne (x Madcap Misty Morn by Lewisfield Nizrif)

1977 chestnut mare Golden Fantaci (x Sun God Heiress by Lewisfield Sun God)

1978 chestnut colt The Midnight Sun (x Sun God Heiress by Lewisfield Sun God)

1979 chestnut mare Midnite Lace (x Lewisfield Dove by Aaraf)

1982 bay mare Reflections Love (x Karameia by JRB Kasim)

1982 black colt WRR Black Gold (x Bint Fad Farrah by El Reata Faraf)

1982 chestnut mare Golden Prima Vera (x Gideanne by MS Phospher)

1982 chestnut mare Annies Reflection (x Maha Anna by Santi Del Maha)

1983 chestnut mare WRR Raffinnee (x Gaybale by Gayjo)

1984 mare Reflections Angel (x Gaybale by Gayjo)

1983 chestnut mare Golden Rafisca (x Fisteecos Fashion by Gatrys)

1983 bay mare Faaleana (x Bint Fad Farrah by El Reata Faraf)

1983 chestnut colt En-Ekas Dahabi (x Gideanne by MS Phospher)

1984 bay mare NF Valentine (x Hillock Jezabell by Tailormade ByJean)

1984 bay colt WRR Coalfire (x Karameia by JRB Kasim)

1984 chestnut mare Reflections Angel (x Gaybale by Gayjo)

1984 chestnut stallion The Sun Devil (x Lewisfield Sungal by Aaraf)

1984 grey mare SilverRReflection (x Marilda by Al-Marah Radames)

1985 chestnut colt RH Firegold (x Gran Finale by Darborr)

1986 stallion The Sierra Sun (x Sun God Heiress by Lewisfield Sun God)

1989 grey mare Jasmins Faith (x Cavalers Starjoy by Bayrums Caviler)

1989 chestnut colt Pharos Reflection (x Seranaka by JF Alyjens)

1989 chestnut colt Golden Sleet (x BGM Sabrina by BGM Sheer Magic)

1989 grey colt Final Aafair (x JF Tezscha by Super Satez)

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