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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Sire: Golden Reflection (Golden Pharao x Aazkafra by Aaraf)

Dam: Sun God Heiress (Lewisfield Sun God x Tailormade Binta by Shalimar Flaraff)

1975 Stallion

Memories of Sungod Reflection, in Annette's words . . . "Sungod Reflection - my personal favorite. He was a big baby, always a darling kitten. He was the most beautifully constructed horse I had ever seen, I thought he would be a phenomenal show horse. When SGR was a yearling a big-name trainer came to the farm. The trainer wanted to show SGR and wasn't going to charge me a dime to do it - he knew the horse would be a champion. How desperately he wanted to campaign SGR, but I couldn't part with him, just couldn't let him go. Once I took him to a show myself and he was so terribly upset and down about leaving home, he was awful, no show horse at all. He just wanted to get home. He did his best to tell me he was not a "show horse" type horse. Oh, but such a pet - a dear, sweet animal. I would ride him, he was so proud when he was carrying me. In the cold of winter I would ride him in the barn, up and down the aisleway at our barn in Wisconsin. We had tall sides on the stalls to keep the horses warmer. He would look in all the stall doors to be sure all the horses were watching him being ridden. SGR proved to be a fantastic breeding stallion. He had a gorgeous head, the most perfect neck and topline. An extraordinary looking horse, exceptional in every way."

PROGENY (10 total; 8 mares / 2 colts)

1978 chestnut mare Phara Sunrise (x Reflection Godess by Golden Reflection)

1978 chestnut mare Morning Sun (x Lewisfield Sungal by Aaraf)

1978 chestnut mare Aadina (x MJR Aajamais by Aaraq)

1979 chestnut mare Sparkling Sun (x Reflection Godess by Golden Reflection)

1979 chestnut mare Phara Sun Gold (x Lewisfield Sungal by Aaraf)

1979 chestnut mare Phara Sun Jewel (x Lewisfield Sunny by Lewisfield Sun God)

1979 chestnut colt Eclipse ofthe Sun (x Sun God Heiress by Lewisfield Sun God)

1980 chestnut colt The Indian Sun (x Lewisfield Sunny by Lewisfield Sun God)

1981 chestnut mare WRR Golden Goddes (x Azlaf Pamiloda by Lewisfield Sun God)

1983 chestnut mare Golden Tamara (x Kayala Bediya by Nabiel+/)

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